We have unveiled our latest vision – a dome bar experience that sits alongside our luxury dining domes.

Titan Sky Bar is the only one of its kind in the UK and hosts up to 40 people, offering a unique environment for guests.  

Sticking with the stars and moon theme, the new dome has been named after one of the largest moons in the solar system thanks to being more than twice the size of our largest dining dome.

Positioned outside our 800 year old Cave Bar, the Sky Bar measures 10 metres in diameter and has capacity for up to 40 people at stylish cocktail tables or up to 32 guests as an event space.  

Wired with a Sonos system, the dome is heated and has air conditioning to combat all weathers.  The beauty of the dome will mean that guests are bathed in natural light all day and then at night, the atmosphere will switch up as the bar will display coloured shooting lights as darkness appears and the stars come out.

To book, head here – https://www.meldrumhouse.com/eat-and-drink/titan-sky-bar/