The Cave Bar at Meldrum House is part of the original manor house’s rich history, dating back to 1236.

Originally, this part of the building was a larder and storeroom.  The area where the Whisky Club is now housed was where they smoked and hung meat and fish that would have come in from the Estate and further afield.

The Cave Bar was much smaller than this originally.  In 2016, we knocked the back wall down into a bedroom that Robin Duff, the last Laird of Meldrum House until his death in 1990, had built specially for his friend, the ballet dancer Margot Fontaine, when she came to stay.  It revealed the same beautiful walls under the plasterwork and takes in the two turrets that were part of the bedroom.

Until the 1950s, Meldrum House was a family home for generations.  Now called 1236 @ The Cave Bar, we hope you enjoy your time with your friends and family here…

Our new casual eating experience can be found in our award-winning 800-year old Cave Bar.  
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