Tasting Aberdeenshire

with Alan Clarke and Grace Noble

Our Executive Chef, Alan Clarke, has grown a partnership with Grace from Aberdeenshire Highland Beef, he has crafted his own distinctive dish called ‘Grace’s Lamb,’ utilizing Scottish Black faced Lamb that is raised on the Banchory farm. This exceptional event offers more than just a delightful three-course meal. Each course will also feature captivating cookery demonstrations, fostering plenty of interaction among diners, shared laughter, and an overall relaxed, informal, and welcoming atmosphere throughout the evening.

The event is priced at only £55 per person, over 18s only. Arrival at 6pm, Saturday 28th October 2023.

CLICK HERE to see the menu

The menu is prearranged and cannot be adjusted to cater to individual dietary requirements. The main objective of the dinner is to showcase the menu in its intended form


Event is taking place in Stables, reduced drinks option will be available on a night

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