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Long Driving
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Long Driving

To become a consistent long driver, you need a good club and a good swing. The good swing is what I’m concerned with here.

The Power Address

The first you need to do is set yourself up properly:
  • Spine tilted slightly away from the target so weight is a little more on the right side
  • Ball opposite left heel
  • Stance slightly wider than shoulders
  • Light grip pressure

The first point is a much-overlooked key. If your spine leans toward the target, you will tend to tilt rather than turn your body on the backswing.

If you want to hit the ball a long way, you must wind up your body properly. Any sign of a tilt can result in a great loss of power.

Elbow-To-Wall Drill

To encourage you to turn properly on the backswing and develop a good coil of your body, practise this technique:
  • Stand with your right foot (left for lefties) about a foot away from a wall
  • Put your left fist in the middle of your chest as if you have just punched yourself. Your elbow will now be pointing straight out in front of you
  • Take your golf posture and try to turn so that your elbow touches the wall

This turn is exactly the move you should be making with your golf club on the backswing. After doing the drill a few times, have a swing with a club and try to feel the same move you made to get your elbow on the wall.

If you can incorporate this move into all your golf swings, you will hit the ball better. Most importantly, you should hit the ball much further.